How to Access Webcam Settings in Windows

If you’re using an older webcam, it may not be compatible with newer applications. Check that other apps aren’t using your webcam. If one app is using your webcam, it won’t be accessible to other apps.

  • If your display supports reset to factory default, then do that and then click Next to proceed further.
  • There’s no reason to run into unexpected and disruptive video glitches in the middle of an important meeting when you can just test your webcam and fix those issues beforehand.
  • However, sometimes manufacturers may need to roll out a patch to fix a bug or security vulnerability, improve the system stability, or enable a new feature on your Windows 10 device.
  • Take your laptop to service and see if they can diagnose the issue and make necessary repairs to fix your camera or any other problem that might be causing your camera to malfunction.

When you go back to Device Manager, you need to click Action on the top menu and then select Scan for hardware changes. Check the status of Allow access to the camera on this device. If it is off, you need to click the Change button and turn on the button for it. Usually, the camera on your computer can only be used by one application once.

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This display colour calibration wizard tool improves the colours of your photos, videos etc. on your display, and it ensures that the colours appear accurately on your screen. I’m a freelance software engineer (i.e. an independent software editor); I am neither an hardware manufacturer nor affiliated with any of them. If you have issues with your device please contact the customer support of the vendor or manufacturer.

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If you’re looking for a free webcam software that checks all of these boxes, we recommend YouCam. You do not need to download external software to operate your computer’s webcam. However, utilizing webcam software can allow you to improve your webcam’s features and complete a range of other functions. Access your settings for the video conferencing program. In the software, you will see various buttons and tools.

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If the problem is with a classic desktop application, turn on the Allow desktop apps to access your camera toggle switch at the bottom of the page. On Windows 10, the downloadable version of Skype and the preinstalled version of Skype are almost the same—but the downloadable version can see more types of webcams. That’s because the downloadable version is a classic desktop app and the included version is a UWP app. We’ve covered some other ways to disable your webcam in the past. Aside from simply unplugging it, you can disable the webcam in the BIOS or UEFI firmware settings screen on some laptops. This option is found more often on business laptops since it gives businesses a way to disable webcam access securely.

I have a new laptop that I got for Christmas last year. It has Windows 10, i don’t like Windows 10, so how can i get rid of it and put Windows 7 pro on. Depends on how you “revert”, but I would absolutely take a complete system image backup of the machine as it is right now, just in case reverting loses things. If you need a full reformat you will need a copy of Windows 7 to do that. This article was written for Windows XP, but the same principles apply. Your challenge will be in getting a legitimate copy of Windows 8 to install.