Simple transparent pricing

On our Starter plan you’ll never pay a monthly fee provided you’re using our payment processing integration to process card payments.

If you’re after an all inclusive plan with optional use of payment processing, free sms, unlimited Telehealth and other additional features, then the Premium plan is for you.

30 day trial – no credit card required


Frequently asked questions

The only additional costs on the $0 p/m plan are as follows:

Payment processing: Each time you process a credit or debit card payment, you will  pay 1.7% plus 25c per transaction

Payment settlement: Each time a settlement is made into your account (choose daily or weekly), the banks will charge 25c.
Adding calendars: If you need to purchase a calendar for an additional practitioner, there is a $19 p/m fee. 

Our optional paid features include:

To send sms messages or use Telehealth, you’ll need to purchase credits. Prices are as follows:

– SMS 11c (minimum purchase $100) or 15c (minimum purchase $20)
– Telehealth from 16.5c per 15 minute session

Custom pricing available on application for high volume users. Prices GST inclusive.

There are no costs to add an administrator to your account. All you need to do is send them an account invitation so they can create a password to login. When creating their account, you’ll have the ability to choose what features they can access and whether you’d like to block them from accessing sensitive client information such as health history, intake forms, test results, documents, prescriptions and treatment notes. 

Every time you take an online payment, we charge 1.7% plus 25c. After paying our payment acquirer costs, a small amount is left over which, along with the purchase of credits for SMS and video consultations, helps cover our expenses. While we are a for-profit company, we are also for-purpose and our first priority remains strengthening the future and longevity of natural healthcare businesses. To do this, our aim is to decrease your costs while ensuring we can still maintain our own.

On the $0 p/m plan, you’ll never pay a monthly fee as long as you are using our integrated payment gateway to process credit and debit card payments. With each transaction, you’ll pay 1.7% plus 25c per transaction. If you’d like to use Telehealth and send SMS messages, you’ll need to purchase credits and if you need to add an extra calendar, the cost is $19 p/m.

In comparison, the $29 p/m plan includes Telehealth and 75 free SMS per month. Extra practitioner calendars cost $15 p/m and payment processing is just 1.5% plus 25c per transaction. We also offer a free data import for those on our premium plan. 

To use our tap payment integration, you’ll need to purchase a tap machine which has a one-off fee of $68 (inc GST and shipping). You’ll also need to provide additional details to our payment partners such as ABN, bank account details where funds are to be deposited, and identification. Once your payment processing is approved, and you have your terminal, all you need to do is click one button from either our mobile app or desktop/laptop and our system will send the payment amount to the terminal. Your client only needs to tap their card, our system then marks the invoice as paid and send your client a copy of the receipt. The cost to process payments via the tap machine is 1.5% plus 25c no matter which plan you are on. 

The My Appointments platform is built to IS0 27001:2013 standards, an internationally recognised best practice framework for Information Security Management System. All data is stored on Australian servers and backed up daily. 

Yes. With our import feature, you can upload data for existing clients, products, appointments and treatment notes straight into your My Appointments account.

We are currently in our beta testing phase and are onboarding practitioners as spots become available. This allows us to provide the highest level of support to each of our new practitioners. Currently the wait times for account activation is approximately 24 business hours. 

My Appointments is an initiative by the complementary medicines sector. It is a purpose built platform by natural healthcare providers for natural healthcare providers. Our goal is to support the natural health community and to help strengthen business viability and longevity. That’s why we’re committed to donating 10% of profits to build a political fighting fund to help safeguard the future of natural therapies.

My Appointments also offers convenient services all in one place, saving you both time and money. No need to sign up to multiple providers for tools like video consults and marketing, our platform provides everything you need to manage and build your ideal practice. We’ve also automated many of your businesses processes so that you can focus on what you do best, treating your clients.